Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Back from vacation

I had a great time in Oregon. I managed to avoid buying plastic until I was on the train home. I really needed something to drink and the water on the train tasted
funky. I opted to buy an orange juice, which conveniently comes in a plastic bottle! After I finished the juice, I could find no place on the train to recycle the bottle. I had to either throw it in the trash or find room in my overly-packed bags (thanks to a visit to the used bookstore in Eugene). I checked Amtrak's website and found a form to leave a comment.

I recently traveled with Amtrak from Seattle, WA to Eugene, OR. On my return trip, I noticed that Amtrak does not provide recycling receptacles for cans, bottles, and/or plastic. Has Amtrak considered providing recycling receptacles and if so, when will this service be available? Thank you.

We'll see if they respond. Honestly I doubt that they have given much thought to providing recycle bins onboard, as the trains are pretty cramped as it is.

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