Sunday, September 30, 2007

Wish List

We have a few upcoming purchases on our "wish list" when this project comes to an end. As conscious as we are about plastic and the impact it has on the environment, we're trying to be a bit picky about our choices. The first three items that I will purchase first will all be for my bicycle.

  • REI has a collapsible water bottle that is apparently made with a plastic that does not leak chemicals into the water, even after repeated use. I like the idea of this water bottle also for the ability to roll the bottle up for storage in my backpack.
  • Red bicycle light.
  • Front bicycle light.
REI has a selection of rechargeable lights that would cut down on batteries ending up in the landfill. They are expensive and bulky, though I consider my life to be worth it. Sure, I am being a bit dramatic, but I ride on the road and need every available way to attract the attention of motorists. I am asking opinions on a cycling forum that I am a part of to see if anyone has an opinion on rechargeable lights.

We also are in the market for a new mattress. The majority of mattresses are not great for the environment, containing toxic chemicals and plastics that end up in the landfills. There are some options out there though.
They are definitely more expensive than conventional mattresses, but the cost can be reduced if we end up with a box frame that would support just the top mattress. This also raises the question about what we would do with our old mattress. Some stores will take your old mattress away as a service. Those mattresses just end up in landfills. Ecobedroom (linked earlier) states:

We recommend that you contact you local Salvation Army and ask them if they would pick up your old mattress for you. Some customers have found additional local charities that would also like you to donate your old mattress to them - missions, homeless shelters, abused families, foster care, etc.

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